• Web-site development; national websites and brochures

• Establishing Local Network Groups in each country

• Presentations at: Ministries of Defence (MoD); General Staffs; Human Resource Development Departments of the MOD; Interoperability Department; NATO Contact Groups; Peacekeeping English Project (PEP) staffs; Military and police academies and schools; Rapid Reaction Forces Language Training Centres, HQs at various garrisons throughout the country; Defence and Military Attaches of the NATO countries' missions in each country

• Currently informing international organisations and media on the project progress and inviting feedback: United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations (UNDPKO); International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC); The United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR); OSCE; The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Eurocorps; KFOR; SFOR; KFOR Press and Information Centre; United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK); UNMIK Police, Pristina, Kosovo; UNCIVPOL; Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC); International Peacekeeping News; Center for Defence Information; Institute for Security Studies; research organisations, etc.

• New York: Presentation of the project at the United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations (UNDPKO)

• Information on the project (together with Prof Lonergan from the University of Westminster) to Mr Petar Stoyanov: President of Republic of Bulgaria, Supreme Commander of the Bulgarian Military Forces

• Media interview (TOP TV) about the project with the participation of Prof. Jack Lonergan

• Brussels: Presentation of the project at a seminar organised by DG Education and culture (Oct.01)

• Brussels: Presentation of the project at a seminar organised by DG Education and culture (25 Oct. 02)

• Project presentation to peacekeeping missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Cyprus

• Participation and presentation at a 2-days meeting: Strategies for EFL Training (2002-2005) for the Bulgarian military.

• Participation and presentation at the IATEFL International Conference, Plovdiv, 2001

• National Conference on Vocational Education and Training in Slovakia, October 11-12, 2001

• Project presentations at: Training Centre for Peaceforce Operations Language Unit and the Slovak peacekeeping operation in Eritrea; the military training centres in Trencin and Nitra

• 35th International Conference of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), Brighton June 2001 - LINGUAPEACE: a specific case of English for Specific Purposes" by Prof J.P. Lonergan

• ESP SIG Conference in Brighton, UK; Open Forum; Linguapeace presentation given by Prof. Jack Lonergan

• 1st National Defence Language Training Conference, Beaconsfield, UK, 2001

• Madrid British Council/IATEFL conference, September 2001 - Assessing language competence for operational purposes: Linguapeace and materials development" by Prof J. P. Lonergan

• Publications: (1) Linguapeace: an EU initiative for Eastern Europe" by Prof J. P. Lonergan in Global Issues Newsletter, November 2001, IATEFL; (2) Linguapeace Needs Analysis Questionnaire (Re-edited version for use by UK military personnel who have served overseas)

• London UK: Ministry of Defence Languages Examinations Board - Presentation of Linguapeace to tri-service representatives at board, September 2001

• UK: Presentation at the United Nations University for Peace, 2001

• Presentation at the 'Bulgaria in NATO in 2002' International Conference, 25-26 Feb. 2002

• Presentation to the British Council English for Peacekeeping Project (PEP), March 2002

• Presentation at the 'European Languages Network' meeting in Lithuania, March 2002

• Presentation at the British Defence School of Languages International Seminar given by Boian Savtchev and Prof. Lonergan, April, 2002

• Presentation at the European Languages Resource Centres project meeting in London, April 2002

• Presentation at the LINGUANET EUROPA network meeting in Madrid, September 2002

• Presentation to EUROMIL representatives in the Netherlands, 26-27 Sept. 2002

• Presentation at the Peacekeeping English Project 2002 Conference, 4 Oct. 2002 in London

• Presentation at the UN Conference in London 'Language and the International Liaison', 25 Oct 2002

• Presentation at the LdV projects seminar in Brussels, 25 October 2002



Linguapeace - more than an English language programme /Global Issues Magazine, October 2001/

Linguapeace - language for peace /Europe Schools Magazine, May 2002/

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