Petar Stoyanov, President of Bulgaria and Commander-in-Chief of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and Prof. Jack Lonergan (University of Westminster, London, UK) at the launch of the Linguapeace project in Sofia, May 2001

Linguapeace project presentation to Mr Nikolaus G. van der Pas, Director-General, Education and Culture Directorate-General, European Commission, Sofia, November 2002

Meeting with Mr Ton Heerz, Chairman of AFMP/FNV and Presidium member of the European Organization of Military Associations (EUROMIL), Amersfoort, the Netherlands, September 2002

International Conference 'LINGUAPEACE: Language for Peace', Sofia, 27 November 2002

Presentation at the European Integration Conference, Sofia, March 2002

Presentation at the International Workshop at the Defence School of Languages, Beaconsfield, UK, April 2002

Bulgaria in NATO International Conference, Sofia, February 2002

Interview with the Linguapeace project partners for the Bulgarian TOP TV, May 2001

Linguapeace International Workshop in the Netherlands, September 2002

Presentation at the European Languages Network meeting in Lithuania, April 2002

Workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia, September 2001

Piloting and testing of Linguapeace project products with peacekeepers

Two of the most active project participants: General Zaprianov, General Staff, Head of the Military Academy of Sofia and Prof. Jack Lonergan, University of Westminster, London, Head of the British Ministry of Defence Language Examinations Board